What is IMDb?

IMDb is a site that hosts millions of movies, series, animations, television shows and actors’ information on the internet. It is known as the Internet Movie Database. Thanks to the scoring system, it shows the rating of the movies.

In addition, it is the site most preferred by movie lovers when choosing movies, with lists such as Top 250, Top 100, Worst movies, highest rated actors and movies by category. It is a highly effective element for a social media verification badge.

What is the transaction process?

We create your artist profile on IMDB. To display this process for sizing;
→ Since there will be too many sites with data from IMDB, when your name is searched on Google after your profile is created, there will be an artist like the EXAMPLE.
→It is not important to get blue ticks on your social media accounts. It was a transaction to get a blue tick for After you have created the artist colors, you have designs for blue teak.
→You don’t need to act in any TV show or movie. We parse your page for most titles such as author, cameraman, voice.
→With sitelink and my social for your official media accounts, this is also an advantage for your social accounts.
→To be able to open a page from the items required to be included in Wikipedia.
→It’s because you have too much for the IMDB site.

You can have a page like in Example. Your transactions are completed within 1 day.

Price: 20 USD

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