Service Description

Within the scope of your Google knowledge panel service, you will be able to go live quickly. Contact us for Google Prominent person.

You can review our topic for information about the service referred to by Terms of Treatment such as Prominent Person Card, Google Posts, Google Knowledge Panel, Artist. Our team provides many services related to Digital Media Services, as well as reliable validator services in search engines.

If you are you can log in to promote your brand or design your fans and your fans and followers to know better and to reach more easily. You can create your Google Panel. In the Google Search engine, the place belonging to the Well-known and Companies located to the Right is toured. Google has an independent and distinct panel with My Business.

Service Process related to Google Knowledge Panel

The Information Panel service is published in appropriate categories such as Artist, Artist, Singer, Businessman between 1/15 days.

Advertisement in Google search “Your panel is created with your name. We can add professions to your created information panel. In addition, place of birth, date of birth and education information can be added. Processing time is 1-15 working days. After panelling, it can be owned and the view obtained with feedbacks is created.

In order for the Google Knowledge panel to be published, we request your first and last name. The panel of the name and surname in the target of creating the Knowledge Panel is as it should be with the similarity. We analyze the specified name for the name before the transactions. After the Analysis Process, your price and process information is sent to you.

In this direction, we are preparing 3 Beats in your name and we apply on your behalf with these beats. (There is no Beat Condition.)

Within the specified scope, an information panel is created for your name, which has been forwarded to us on Google. You can exercise your right to Google your ID after this transition. (We must provide verification support. Google provides the necessary redirection.

Eroding the Google Knowledge Panel Category?
According to the sites you publish for a maximum of 1 year, the news and announcements you publish allow your categories in your Google Knowledge panel when you are one of the reference sites. After this Stage, you can switch to the category.

Businessman – Player etc. Help can be provided by categories.
In order to facilitate the categories, the News Panel is registered on behalf of the registered people on the sites.

What is Google Knowledge Panel?

It is a special service by Google for Brands, Football clubs, Famous people, Phenomena, artists and singers. In this section on the right side of the Google search engine, this card contains a lot of information about Companies, Holdings, Stores, Football Clubs, Movies, Phenomena, Singers, and Famous People. This service is called Google knowledge panel by Google LLC. Another name is Google posts.

This service offered by the Google Search engine is automatically created by the Google Knowledge Panel Team based on interactions. According to each interaction made, a new connection, etc. information is added. If you are a brand owner or Phenomenon, Singer and you have a serious audience, if your songs, services are frequently featured on Social media, Music storage, Service recording platforms connected with Google, this panel is created by Google representatives depending on the interactions.

At this stage, the Knowledge Panel needs to be created and Verified.
Thanks to the form it has created for these verification processes, Google performs these verification processes by making agreements with reliable validators. The shares made through this Information Panel create high organic hits for the company or the user. Other Social network etc. provides more organic visitors on platforms.

If you do not have a Knowledge Panel, you should create it immediately.
You can use our service for the Verified Knowledge Panel.




Package Fees

Personal Information Panel with Music: 160 USD

Musicless Personal Information Panel: 200 USD

Company Information Panel: 250 USD

We have answered frequently asked questions for you on one page. You can get information from our Support team so that you can get answers to your thoughts.

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