What is Amazon Dropshipping?

It is one of the ways to sell on Amazon. How is it done? What are the necessary conditions?

Let’s examine it together.

According to the reports of Statista, one of the largest data analysis platforms in the world, Amazon’s marketplace sales size has exceeded $219 billion. This increases the appetite of users and companies who want to sell online.

Dropshipping is also defined as no-stock e-commerce.

It is the name given to the system where the sellers offer the products to the buyer through a retail or wholesale supplier, without keeping them in stock, and profit from the difference.

Amazon dropshipping is the name given to performing this transaction on Amazon. There are some terms and conditions for Amazon dropshipping.

How to Amazon Dropshipping?

To do dropshipping on Amazon, you first need to create a “seller” account. The most common Amazon dropshipping markets are North America (United States, Canada, Mexico), Europe and Asia.

To be able to dropship on Amazon, you must comply with the terms of the “Amazon Drop Shipping Policy”.²

According to Amazon Drop Shipping Policy:

You must follow Amazon selling rules.
The package of the product must not contain any third party (or may indicate that you are intermediary) invoices and packaging.
You are expected to meet return requests from users.
What steps are followed when dropshipping on Amazon?
The process is quite simple.

The customer places an order from Amazon.
You order the incoming order from the supplier. You use the Amazon customer’s information as the receiving address.
You make a profit after deducting the product cost, shipping fee and Amazon commission.
You can withdraw your money after the required time has passed.
To be able to sell on Amazon, you must first have a seller account.

Do not rush to create your seller account.
Vendor accounts are subject to very strict rules and you are expected to strictly abide by these rules.


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